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This “Gay-Lesbian Health Issues” site is a dynamic list of resources intended to aggregate the available resources from the Health Sciences Library of New York Medical College (NYMC). It supports the educational initiative of the College and the activities of the Task Force on Gay and Lesbian Health Care that is chaired by Dr. Jane Petro. Although this initial list is primarily books, it will be supplemented as needed or appropriate with other media and formats. Feedback is encouraged and may be directed to or

Given the scope of this topic, here are some suggested MeSH keywords to consider when using Pubmed, licensed databases, and/or internet-based resources:

Bisexuality; Cross-culture comparison; Cultural diversity; Gay; Gender identity; Health knowledge, attitudes, practice; Health services accessibility; Hermaphroditism; Homosexuality; Homosexuality, Male; Homosexuality, Female; Lesbian; Sex characteristics; Sex role; Sexual behavior; Sexual orientation; Sexuality; Social identification; Transsexualism; Transvestism

Please note that these are all Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) which are determined by the National Library of Medicine; more specific topics may be searched by a keyword.


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Vertical File- Delivery of Health Care

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Vertical File- Delivery of Health Care

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Journal Articles

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Internet Resources

Facts about Changing Sexual Orientation

GLMA Provider Guidelines- Creating a Welcoming Environment

The Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, Inc.

Healthcare Equality Index: creating a national standard for equal treatment of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender patients and their families

LBGT-CRC of Stanford University

Think Cultural Health

Transgender Law and Policy Institute


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