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Policy:                  Health Sciences Library (HSL) Webinar Hosting and Scheduling Policy

Date:                    February 1, 2012

Purpose: The HSL Educational Media Services (EMS) department provides webinar hosting services to all NYMC constituents.   Staff provides scheduling, training and basic support during sessions.

By choosing to present via webinar or meeting, the NYMC community will have the ability to reach constituents in remote locations without incurring telephone or it is possible to dial in via telephone so additional charges may apply additional data usage charges.  Webinars may be scheduled for purposes of:  Grand rounds, teaching and/or training sessions while in your home location at your desk via your own computer with internet accessibility. 

Contact:  Educational Media Services staff at (914) 594-2553 for more information or

Eligibility:  NYMC faculty, staff, fellows and residents and students directly affiliated with New York Medical College are entitled schedule and host a webinar or meeting, depending upon availability. Requestors must have a valid HSL Barcode.

The Educational Media Services (EMS) forms must be used to request webinar hosting services (Health Sciences Library (HSL) home page, by fax, in the EMS office, or in the HSL.

Hosting a webinar

Educational media will schedule your webinar and offer training for those hosting the event.  Both voice over PowerPoint and video webinars are available.  Between the hours of 8am-4pm Educational Media Staff will be available for technical support during the webinar.  For the hours of 4pm through closing, the Health Sciences Library staff will help originate the webinar and then turn over the hosting rights to the presenter.

To schedule a webinar:

1: Contact Educational Media Services at (914) 594-2553

2: Establish that the time and date is available for the webinar.

3: Educational Media will schedule and arrange a training session.

Updated 11/25/2014 M Cotter