HSMP Thesis Worksheets

Flow Chart, pt. IV


Discussion and Conclusion

Last, but not Least:

Body of the Thesis Discussion Section
Literature Review
Analysis & Results


Summarize the major results in the Discussion section, discussing each result in sequence.  Highlight and expound upon public policy applications, solutions, insights not previously observed or suggested.
Remember to refer back to references from Lit Review that help support your findings or highlight the significance of your results or recommendations.
Keep in mind that it is important to critique your research; highlight any weakness and suggest how further research might be helpful.


Conclusion Section
Analysis & Results
In the Conclusion section, refer back to problem you describe in introduction.  DO NOT recite your abstract or intro word for word.  After you refer back to your research question, follow with the "big takeaway" or result that you want your reader to remember!


Remember, there are no cliffhangers!  If your reader reads only your introduction, discussion and conclusion sections, they should have a clear understanding of: a problem that needs resolution; of possible outcomes that can be substantiated and supported to the extent that they warrant consideration; and the reader should be able to place your research within a broader context, as in "where do we go from here."

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