Basic Medical Sciences Databases

A selection of databases that may be useful to those in the basic medical sciences.

While the following databases are freely available on the internet, some of them provide bibliographic information for documents that are not owned by the Health Sciences Library. We may be able to borrow these items through interlibrary loan.  Librarians can also perform searches of many proprietary databases, which are not listed, for a fee. Inquire at the library about our Online Search Service.


Agricola U.S. Department of Agriculture   citations to publications encompassing all aspects of agriculture and allied disciplines, including animal and veterinary sciences, entomology, plant sciences, forestry, aquaculture and fisheries, food and human nutrition, and earth and environmental sciences.

Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database University of Minnesota   information on microbial biocatalytic reactions and biodegradation pathways for primarily xenobiotic, chemical compounds. The goal of the UM-BBD is to provide information on microbial enzyme-catalyzed reactions that are important for biotechnology.

Canary Database Yale University studies from the biomedical literature that explore the use of animals as "sentinels" for the effects of chemical, biological, and physical hazards in the environment.

CRIS (Current Research Information System) U.S. Department of Agriculture   the USDA’s documentation and reporting system for ongoing and recently completed research projects in agriculture, nutrition, and forestry.

Ecotox  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency   single chemical toxicity information for aquatic and terrestrial life. Useful for examining the impact of chemicals on the environment.

Energy Citations Database  U.S. Department of Energy   bibliographic records for energy-related scientific and technical information in the fields of chemistry, physics, materials, environmental science, geology, engineering, mathematics, climatology, oceanography, etc.

Entrez Life Sciences Search Engine  National Center for Biotechnology Information   a subset of NCBI databases including PubMed, Nucleotide and Protein Sequence databases, Protein Structures, Complete Genomes, Taxonomy, and more. Search individually or across all databases.

European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Databases  European Bioinformatics Institute   a collection of resources featuring nucleotide and protein sequence databases, a genome browser, a macromolecular structure database, a microarray database, and a number of computational biology tools.

ExPASy (Expert Protein Analysis System) Bioinformatics Portal  Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics   databases and software tools in different areas of life sciences including proteomics, genomics, phylogeny, systems biology, population genetics, transcriptomics etc.

IRIS (Integrated Risk Information System)
Environmental Protection Agency information on human health effects that may result from exposure to more than 550 chemical substances in the environment.

MInd (The Meetings Index)
 InterDok  locates future conferences, congresses, meetings and symposia.

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Databases National Center for Biotechnology Information   a complete list of NCBI’s biotechnology databases and analysis tools. Includes the full group of nucleotide, protein, structure, taxonomy, genome, expression, and chemical databases.

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals (OMIA) University of Sydney database of genes, inherited disorders and traits in 191 animal species (other than mouse and human).

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/National Institutes of Health a database of biomedical research projects, publications and patents, resulting from NIH funding.

TOXNET  National Library of Medicine   a system of toxicology and environmental health databases. Search individually or across all databases.



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