HSMP Thesis Worksheets

Flow Chart, pt. II


Questions to ask yourself as you develop each section of the 
Thesis Proposal & Plan

Questions Thesis Proposal & Plan



Have I identified to the reader:



-the purpose of the research?
-the specific problem/topic? 
-the importance of the research?
-what was done to identify the problem? 
-what was done to collect the relevant data, article 
and/or other sources that were used for the research?
-possible outcomes of this research/study?


Does my Lit Review:

Literature Review

-provide background/define the problem clearly?
-reveal what is currently being written about my topic?
-provide links between what has been written and what I plan to do?
-support my research methodology?
-emphasize relevant findings of other sources that may have influenced my research?
-provide enough support for me to draw conclusions/discuss policy once I have completed my own research?


Does my Methods Section clearly explain:

/ Proposed Analysis
-how the study/research was conducted? 
-the setting of the study, study population, etc if applicable?
-the selection criteria for print sources?
-what other sources of data I used (interview, primary, etc)?
-what I did so that someone else could do the same thing?


Do I clearly explain:

Anticipated Result
/ Possible Outcome
-what I expect to find out? 
-why the outcome is significant?
-how the findings relate to what has been already discovered?
-how my findings relate to policy surrounding this issue?
-the expected outcomes so as to anticipate the discussion I will write after I have completed my research?
-the expected outcomes so as to anticipate tying my discussion section back to the introduction?
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