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Literature Search Services
Reference and Information Services
Literature searches are free for the first hour and cost $10 for each additional hour. Services such as printing and faxing are available for an additional fee. Students may also use this service, although their presence and participation in the search is required (no fee is charged).
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**Students may also use this service, although their presence and participation in the search is required (no fee is charged).

Search Information
Search Request — Be as specific as possible. Define any phrases that may have special meaning. List any synonyms, closely related phrases, or alternate spellings of words. Indicate any aspects, such as age or gender, that are pertinent. Indicate any aspects which should be excluded from the search.
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Narrow search with highly specific focus and risk of missing some relevant references.
Comprehensive search which will retrieve more references with some less relevant references included.
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Journal article citations and abstracts (when available)
Books or Book Chapter citations
Web Resources or Documents citations and links
Note: Results will not include full-text of articles identified, but will include links to the full-text when available. Other articles can be obtained through our Document Delivery and/or Interlibrary Loan service.
Delivery Method
E-mail (e-mailed using RefShare. Importing to bibliographic management software is optional.)
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