Policy: Study Room Usage
User Responsibility:
  Anyone scheduled for the study rooms must agree to follow the policies on Study Room Usage, to maintain the cleanliness and orderly appearance of the study rooms, and to respect all equipment and furniture within it. Failure to do so jeopardizes future room reservation.
 NYMC faculty, students, staff, residents and fellows – a valid ID with barcode must be provided.
Appropriate usage:
• Reservations for students can be made less than 24 hours in advance either in person at the Access Services Desk or by telephone (914-594-4200).
• Full name and a telephone number must be provided to assure confirmation and in case scheduling changes become necessary.
• Each reservation is permitted two hours. Members of a group may not sing up individually to extend this two-hour period.
• Extended use will be allowed only when there is no conflict with the appointment schedule.
• Extended use is terminated immediately upon next reservation.
Inappropriate usage includes but is not limited to:
• Not cleaning whiteboards.
• Eating and drinking in the rooms.
• Talking loudly.
• Blocking the air vents.
• Leaving personal belongings and school property unattended.
• Please report cancellations as soon as possible (914)594-4200
Priority Scheduling:
1. Use of video and multimedia (Harvey equipment.)
2. The Medical Sciences Library staff teaching, training, meetings, etc
3. NYMC faculty.
4. Individual students, faculty and staff.
5. Other groups or meetings, subject to approval of director or assistant director.
  Reservations and the use of the rooms are subject to last minute cancellation should unforeseen priorities arise. On such occasions, your group will be rescheduled for another location as appropriate.
  Updated by D. Cunningham 11/29/2011 
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