Health Sciences Library Novitch Computer Lab Policy (Room 108)

Effective June 16, 2010

Purpose:  The Novitch Computer Lab (room 108) in the Health Sciences Library (HSL) provides a multi-purpose room with priority space for the education and training of New York Medical College (NYMC) users.  It may be the “room of choice” for doing collaborative projects or presentations, using special software applications, scheduling conference calls, and/or creating/viewing DVDs/CD ROMs. 

Eligibility:  Room is available for walk-in or reserved use by all NYMC registered library users (valid barcode required), with priority given to Library programs and/or NYMC initiatives.

Standards for use:  All users will follow the current library policies and procedures:

  1. All users will be held responsible for the condition/cleanliness of the equipment, furniture and room;

  2. All users will be held responsible for the software applications and settings in place; no additional software may be loaded without express approval by the director or systems manager.

  3. Priority scheduling will be reserved for (in rank order):    
    • Required staff maintenance;
    • HSL instruction or meetings;
    • NYMC faculty who require use of the lab’s video, computing or conferencing equipment;
    • NYMC administrative meeting needs;
    • NYMC student or resident needs;
    • All other use.

  4. Open use is encouraged when the room is not reserved

  5. Reservations by groups requiring computers are scheduled.

  6. Food is not permitted in this room at any time.  Staff must enforce this policy.  Users should reserve room 109 for this purpose*;

  7. Any/all charges for use of telephone, conferencing or other uses will be the responsibility of the person scheduling the room. 

  8. Key to access room 108 will be kept in the Access Services key box; under no circumstances will keys be given to users.

  9. Printers will be used for teaching purposes only; regular print jobs will be sent to Access Services.

  10. All other HSL access and use policies will be considered in place and must be followed. 

*Individuals or groups requesting food or other special needs should call the library administrative office at (914) 594 4208 or (914) 594 4191 (fax).


Updated 6/29/2010, M. Ascher




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