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How to Create a Poster Using PowerPoint

Step 1 Gather your contents in the form of text, graphs and photos. If you need to scan slides or photos, there is a scanner available for use in the library computer lab.

Step 2 Open PowerPoint, choose Blank Presentation and click OK.
Step 3 Choose the Blank slide layout and click OK.
Step 4 Go to File in the toolbar and click Page Setup /Design and Slide size.
Step 5 Enter the Height and Width of your poster. Please be aware that PowerPoint’s maximum size is 52”; therefore to produce a PowerPoint poster with dimensions larger than 52”, both dimensions are entered at half the desired size. For example, for a 44” x 66” poster, you would enter 22” in the box for height and 33” in the box for width, and click OK. The poster’s size will be doubled during the printing phase to bring it up to 44x66 inches as desired.

Important: The printer's maximum size paper roll is 44”, meaning that one of your dimensions, width or height, may not exceed 44”. Also, other roll sizes are 24”, 36” and 42”, so it is best to set either the height or width of your poster to one of these measurements.
Step 6 Click Insert on the toolbar, choose Text Box. A text box drawing tool will appear on your PowerPoint slide. Click and drag to create the box. This is where you will place your prepared text. Simply cut and paste from Word or type directly into the text box. The box will expand to fit the information entered. Remember to consider your font size and make it suitable for poster use. Font sizes of approximately 36 to 54 are recommended for titles, approximately 18 for text. Use your judgment for your specific poster needs. PowerPoint does not recognize all fonts; Arial and Times New Roman are recommended for use. Symbol is the font recommended for scientific symbols. To choose the characteristics of the text box such as line, color or size, go to Format in the toolbar or right click on the text box and select Format Text Box. You can copy and paste directly from Word documents into PowerPoint text boxes. We would suggest using black on a white background in text boxes for easy reading.
Step 7 To add logos, charts or photos, go to Insert in the menu bar and select Picture, and then From File and browse to your file containing your charts or scanned and saved pictures. Select it and click the Insert button. Please be aware that if photographs exceed 50% of your poster area, a $15 charge will be applied.
Step 8 Once you have inserted your pictures, you can move or resize them to suit your needs. The dotted guide lines on the templates are there to tell you where on the sheet your boxes are and can help in getting things properly aligned. If you click and hold them, a box will appear giving the lines' locations on the sheet. You can then move them into position. They will not appear when the poster is printed. If the Guide lines are not visible on your screen, select View, then Guides.
Step 9 Once your text and pictures are in place, you may decide to add some color or texture effects. The color options and background effects are found under Format on the toolbar, or you may double click the border of any text box to view Format Text Box with color and line options. Please be aware that using background color, including within text boxes, will cost an additional $15 due to ink and time used in printing. You may however add color to title and heading boxes at no additional charge. There is no charge for use of color in fonts, charts or diagrams.
Step 10 Carefully review your poster. When you are completely satisfied with it, call the library at 594-4200 to set up an appointment for printing.
Some directions may vary based on PowerPoint version used.


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