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Finding Full Text on the Library's Home Page- Health Sciences Library - New York Medical College
Finding Full-Text on the Library's Web Site
Examples of full-text material available via the Library's website
Journal Articles
Magazine Articles
Newspaper Articles
Systematic Reviews
Methods For Locating and Retrieving Full Text
Listed below are four methods that can be used for accessing full-text journals and books on the Library's website.  Off-campus users will need to login on the Library homepage using their Library barcode number and password.

E-Journal Portal - for full-text online journals

The e-journal portal provides access to the Library's electronic journals. A journal title can be found by typing in the journal name or by scrolling through the alphabetical listing of journals. If off-campus users do not login on the Library homepage, they will be asked--when clicking on the e-journal portal link--to login with their Library barcode and password.

Remember: a journal that is not available electronically, may be available in print. To determine if a journal title is available in print (or electronically), check the Online Catalog (see below).

Online Catalog - for full-text journals and books

To determine if the Library owns a particular journal or book electronically (full-text online) search the Online Catalog. The Online Catalog is the most complete listing available of journals and books (both for print and electronic).

Instructions for looking up electronic journal titles on the Online Catalog:

  1. Go to the Online Catalog webpage.
  2. The "Basic Search" menu will open. In the search box type in the title of the journal.
  3. Next to the words "within" activate the drop-down and select Journal Title.
  4. Click on the Search button.
  5. Find the title you are looking for among the results and click on it.
  6. When the record for the journal opens, look down the left side of the web page for the label "Links." To the right of this label--if the journal is available electronically--will be one or more links. Check the date range for which the journal is available, and then click on the appropriate link.
  7. Some (very few) e-journals require a password.  To obtain the password for a journal, go to the Journals Password List.

Instructions for looking up an electronic books on the Online Catalog:

  1. Go to the Online Catalog webpage.
  2. Select the Advanced tab at the top of the search menu.
  3. In the first search box type one or two words that describe your topic.
  4. From the drop-down beside the search box select All of these.
  5. Select Subject from the next drop-down.
  6. In the search box, below, type in electronic resource
  7. From the drop-down beside the search box select All of these.
  8. Select Keyword Anywhere from the next drop-down.
  9. Below, find the "Type" label and from the drop-down beside it select Book.
  10. Click on the Search button.
  11. From the results list click on the title you are interested in.
  12. When the record for the book opens, look for the label "Links" (on the left-hand side of the page), click on the provided link for access to the book.

For more details and a tip sheet on using the Online Catalog

Information on connecting to the Library resources from off-campus.

Databases Page - for full-text books, journals, newspapers, etc.
Use the Databases webpage for links to electronic full-text resources. These resources are listed alphabetically, a description for the database appears in the middle of the page when the cursor is placed on the database link.  Click on the resource that you wish to access. 
See FAQs on NYMC Article Linker (links provided from databases to full-text).

PubMed Linkout to Electronic Journals
From a search and citations in PubMed, you can link directly to the full-text article for journals to which the Library subscribes using PubMed Linkout and NYMC Article Linker.  For these linking features to work correctly, PubMed must be accessed from the Library's "Databases" webpage and remote users must login on the Library homepage. For instructions, see the PubMed LinkOut Tip Sheet and FAQs on NYMC Article Linker.
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Need more Information or Help?  Call the Reference Desk:  (914) 594-4210, or use the Library's Ask a Librarian service, a web-based reference service.

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