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NYMC Health Sciences Library Strategic Plan, 2015-2017

Mission   To advance education, research and scholarship by meeting the information needs of the New York Medical College community
    through the delivery of high quality resources, media, services and facilities
Vision   Connecting the NYMC community with information and ideas for improved health
Tag   Connecting people with information
Values   Helpful, caring, hardworking, dynamic, professional, innovative, technologically savvy, forward-thinking
      2015 2016 2017
Goal 1   Assure that all university-wide constitutents have access to the information and educational media when and where needed
Objective 1   Provide a library systemand online catalog which provide effective integrated electronic content Launch item & service requests via NYMCat/ ILS  
      Select federated search system Implement new ILS
      Process all purchased items received within one week  
      Streamline theses processing Develop online submissions
      Inventory and weed collections  
      Complete transition to Touro-wide ILS Implement new ILS
      Complete addition of e-book titles to catalog    
      Assess and integrate ILS with new NYMC templates  
Objective 2   Implement services and resources for users of mobile devices Assess wireless printing for mobile devices (ipads)    
      Promote text messaging reference    
Objective 3   Explore alternative public services models Complete move to single service desk at BSB location    
      Develop working plan to provide services from Skyline, Dana Rd & Media Library locations    
      Promote webinar options    
      Pilot Polycom CMA webinar platform with St. Joseph's    
Objective 4   Fill 95% of requests for document delivery when and how needed for both NYMC and non-NYMC requestors Complete cost effectiveness study of ILL/ assess impact of no fees    
      Update license database for ILL/access    
      Promote and evaluate Loansome Doc program  
      Verify 50% of current journal holdings in OCLC and SerHold  
Objective 5   Provide quality library web site with effective access to the library's resources Upgrade proxy server/explore outsourcing authentication    
      Upgrade to LibGuides v2    
      Create online exhibits of library materials    
      Upgrade poster printing options  
Objective 6   Create and manage university archival collections Double items in Collective Access    
      Establish Kaley Papers collection    
Objective 7   Fully support the LCME re-accreditation process Provide the management data    
      Participate on relevant committees Participate in site visit Apply relevant recommendations
      Assess student library satisfaction Create plan to raise GQ scores Assess student satisfaction
Goal 2   Support university-wide efforts to educate students to become self-directed, lifelong learners
Objective 1   Expand resources and instructional support for curricula across all schools/programs Pilot patron driven acquisitions    
      Provide 100% required e-books  
      Complete transition to new print management system  
      Evaluate use of archives/vertical files    
      Provide 100% e-theses from 2014    
Objective 2   Assess comprehensive university-wide liaison program Conduct external review of program    
      Provide professional development in liaison topic areas    
      Increase activity 10% above 2014    
Objective 3   Develop online educational content and expand in-person options Develop online APA resources    
      Develop plan with EBM TF to integrate EBM and library themes into curriculum    
      Expand webinars, tutorials and software for collaborative learning    
      Update online orientation modules    
      Create department specific tutorials    
Objective 4   Coordinate a writing support center Assess user topic effectivness    
      Enhance CV clinics online    
      Update writing guides resources    
      Collaborate with Touro Writing Center    
Goal 3   Support the university-wide research and e-science initiatives      
Objective 1   Promote academic research and scholarship Develop new scholarly output metrics    
      Leverage capabilities of Essential Science Indicators product    
      Complete Touro/NYMC faculty bibliography    
      Co-host faculty author event    
      Co-host student/resident author event    
      Promote use of ORCID    
      Work with stakeholders to develop a data management plan    
      Develop a class on research data management    
      Increase participation in systematic reviews    
      Develop and market grant searching service    
Goal 4   Provide innovative programs for our community and surrounding Hudson Valley region
Objective 1   Expand outreach to our users and our community Survey alumni of their resource needs  
      Execute Wellness event  
      Co-sponsor community exhibits  
Goal 5   Develop new and strengthen existing partnerships with Touro and clinical affiliates
Objective 1   Assure effective relationships with affiliated users and staff Create Touro Library index page linked to Touro content    
      Expand collaborations with St. Joseph's    
      Host online system-wide user meeting    
Goal 6   Ensure effective library management, planning & standards are in place      
Objective 1   Demonstrate effective library operations Expand collaborative purchasing    
      Hire new library director    
      Apply audit recommendations    
      Update Library value report    
      Develop disaster plan for library    
      Review effectiveness of educational media services    
      Transition to online purchasing system    
      Support move to Banner system    
Objective 2   Increase revenue streams Review all fees for services    
      Submit digitization grant proposal    
Objective 3   Market our capabilities to support the academic infrastructure Complete communication plan    
Objective 4   Provide effective use of all library spaces Expand study space by removing current periodicals stacks    
      Address noise and HVAC issues    
      Address water leaks    
      Assess Skyline Library space    
Objective 5   Support University Development initiatives Create lecture series    
      Support university author events    
      Expand Friends Group program  
        Updated by D. Cunningham 10/01/2014
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