EPEC: Education for Physicians on End-of-Life Care
Movie Files  
Modules 1 - 12 Trigger Tape  
Pleanaries 1, 3, and 4  
Power Point Presentations  
A-Slides Plenary 1 Gaps in End-of-life care
B-Slides Plenary 2 Legal Issues
C-Slides Plenary 3  Elements and models of End-of-life care
D-Slides Plenary 4 Next steps
E-Slides Module 1 Advance Care Planning
F-Slides Module 2  Communicating Bad News
G-Slides Module 3 Whole Patient Assessment
H-Slides Module 4  Pain Management
I-Slides Module 5 Physician-assisted Suicide
J-Slides Module 6 Depression, Anxiety, Delirium
K-Slides Module 7  Goals of Care
L-Slides Module 8 Sudden Illness
M-Slides Module 9 Medical Futility
N-Slides Module 10 Common Physical Symptoms
O-Slides Module 11 Withholding/Withdrawing Treatment
P-Slides Module 12 Last Hours of Living
Q-Slides Training of Trainers Training of trainers

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