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Equipment Checkout Policies

All faculty, staff, fellows and residents directly affiliated with New York Medical College are entitled to borrow and use audiovisual equipment, depending upon availability.

The Educational Media Services (EMS) forms must be used to request audiovisual equipment. These forms are available from the Health Sciences Library (HSL) home page, by fax, in the EMS office, or in the HSL. Those borrowing equipment must have a valid HSL Barcode.

LCD Projector Policy

Due to the expense and availability the LCD Projector will be limited for use only at the New York Medical College Valhalla Campus.

Heavy use of the portable LCD Projector necessitates requesting it at least 48 hours in advance.

Special arrangements may be made to check out the projector. If practice time or set-up time is needed, this should be scheduled in consultation with EMS/HSL staff.

Training is required and instructions are also included with the Projector, along with power strip, extra long cable, etc.

Fines and penalty fees will be imposed to cover any needed repair, missing cables or replacement costs. Failure to abide by this policy will result in the immediate suspension of borrowing privileges. The equipment are very important educational resources, and it is imperative that it is available and in good working condition for everyone to use.

Realizing that special circumstances arise, the approval of the Head of Educational Media and Director of the Library is needed for situations that fall outside of those listed above.



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