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       Center for Interactive Learning

Policy: Distance Learning Classroom Accessibility and Availability.
Date: August 11, 1999
Subject: Access/Availability of Distance Learning Classroom
Purpose: To establish guidelines for the access and availability of the Distance Learning Classroom.
The Center for Interactive Learning is fully equipped to handle videoconferencing. This room equipped with the following hardware for presentations: a networked desktop computer and connection for up to three laptops, a slide-to-video converter, and a document camera, 2 LCD projectors and 26 microphones to support videoconferencing. See chart for full list of CIL capabilities.

1. Scheduling:

To schedule use of the distance learning classroom please fill out the Educational Media request form. Please schedule early to ensure availability.

2. Priority: 

Due to the specialized nature of this classroom the following priorities are to be adhered to:

A: The top priority for using this room will go for teaching purposes. Regularly scheduled classes that are conducted via videoconferencing will have top priority.

B: Class sessions that only use videoconferencing for certain sessions.

C: Administration meetings that require videoconferencing.

D: Training sessions designed to teach how to teach at a distance.

E: Outside clients requiring videoconferencing.

F: Academic classes that require educational media support.

G: Academic classes that do not require any educational media support.

3. Classroom Rules:

Absolutely no food or drink will be allowed in the classroom. All food and beverages must be left outside the classroom; no exceptions will be permitted.

When any educational media is being used, whether it is videoconferencing or slides, someone from the EMS department will be required to operate the equipment. Training can be provided for faculty to operate the system and should be scheduled through the EMS office.

4. Exceptions:

Realizing that special circumstances arise, users that are classified as low priority may be asked to reschedule their class if an emergency exists.

Updated 7/10/07 M. Cotter
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