Audio/Visual Services Equipment List

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  Digital Voice Recorder
  Handheld Wired Microphones
  Handheld Wireless Microphone System
  Portable Public Address System
  Speaker System
  Tape Recorder
  Polycom Video Conferencing Unit
  Panasonic Super-VHS Camcorder
  DVD Player
  LCD Projector
  Document Camera
  35 mm Slide Projector
  Overhead Projector
  Easel Stand
  Projection Screen
       Accessories & Cables:
  Microphone Stand
  Camera Tripod
  A/V Cart
  Power Strip
  1/4" Cable (Audio Cable that connects Speakers to each other)
  XLR Cable (Microphone Cable that connects to Speakers)
  RCA Cable (Audio/Video Cable)
  VGA Cable (Cable that connects Laptop to LCD Projector)
  Ethernet Cable (Cable that connects Laptop or Desktop to the Network)
  S-Video Cable (High Quality Video Cable that connects DVD or VCR to TV)


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