Auditoria Scheduling (Draft 3/21/2012)

Policy: Auditoria Accessibility and Availability.

Date: March 21, 2012

Subject: Access/Availability of Auditoria

Purpose: To establish guidelines for the access and availability of the three New York Medical College (NYMC) Auditoria.

New York Medical College (NYMC) Educational Media Services (EMS) staff schedules three auditoria that can meet the needs of large, group teaching sessions.  The Cooke and Blue Auditoria can accommodate 200 students each and the Nevins Auditoria can handle 250.  The Cooke is primarily used by the 1st year medical school class and Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences (GSBMS).  The Nevins is used by the 2nd year class.  The Blue is used for clerkship sessions, grand rounds and GSBMS sessions.  On occasion, all rooms are fully booked, and a clear priority list for the scheduling of these rooms is necessary.

Scheduling:  To schedule use of the auditoria, individuals should fill out the Educational Media request form. Please schedule early to ensure availability.


1. The top priority for using this room will go for teaching purposes.  First priority for the Cooke and Nevins will go to the 1st and 2nd year SOM class, respectively. 

2.  Class meetings for the 3rd and 4th year students of the SOM.

3.  GSBMS classes.

4.  Clerkship exams.

5. Academic Classes for 40+ attendees.

6. NYMC sponsored conferences.

7. Student sponsored meetings (approved by Dean Sozzo).

8: Other academic purposes.

Classroom Rules:

All food and beverages must be cleaned up by user after the class.

When any educational media is being used, whether it is PowerPoint or microphone, staff from the EMS department will be required to operate the equipment. Training can be provided for faculty to operate the system and should be scheduled through the EMS office.

Exceptions:  On occasion, special circumstances arise, and users that may be considered a lower priority may be asked to reschedule if an emergency exists.  Staff will provide as much advance notice as possible.