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Policy:            Fine/fee Payments Due to the Health Sciences Library

Date:              July 1, 1997 (updated July 22, 2011)

Subject:          Responsibilities of faculty, employees, staff, fellows and residents for the payment of fines and fees for services or from misuse of the library’s collections

1.   Acceptance of a library card (or assigned patron barcode number) acknowledges responsibility for any/all use of the card.

a).   Users must inform the Library in writing of any changes of address or school/departmental location.   Failure to do so does not release users of their responsibilities for fines/fees.   Until an integrated, central record is in place at the College, users must take responsibility for reporting this information to the Library.

b).   Card use is not transferable.

2.   All faculty, staff, employees, fellows, residents or other affiliated registered users are subject to the collection of overdue fines/fees.

a).   An “overdue item” is one that is returned to the Library (checked in) at 12:01 a.m. on the day following the due date (or 1 min. after the hour if a “2 hour reserve”).

b).   It is the user’s responsibility to return library materials on time.  The Library does maintain detailed records of transactions.   However, overdue notices are sent as a courtesy; failure to receive an overdue notice does not excuse the user from paying fines/fees. 

c).   Daily fines are assessed at the posted rate up to a maximum (note:  $.50/day/item up to $35.00).   Fine/fee rates are subject to review by the Library Committee, the Deans of each of the Schools, the Vice Provost and the Provost.

Charge for 1, 3, 7, 14 day reserve $5.00/day/item up to $50.00

d).   Hourly fines/fees for late “2 hour reserve” items are assessed at the posted rate to a maximum (note:  $1/hour up to $50.00).

e).   Charges for “returned checks” will be added to the outstanding balance ($20).

f).   Fines/fees over $35 remaining unresolved after 90 days will be turned over to a collection agency under existing college policy.   However, transcripts or diploma of current students will be held by the Registrar’s Office until resolution of the fines/fees.

1).   A copy of the letter of suspension will be sent to the Registrar    (students only), Dean, and Department Chair.

2).   Information regarding cleared accounts will be forwarded    immediately to the Dean, Department Chair, Registrar’s Office and the Director, Information Services.

 g).   Circulation Services:   Overdue reminders are sent for all items on a schedule:

            Courtesy notice: for items that are due three days before the due date

            1st notice from days 1-4) from date due,

            2nd notice items overdue from days 5-9

3rd notice items overdue from days 10 - 14

            4th notice along with a bill and a letter of upcoming suspension at day 28,

            5th notice suspension letter

h).   Interlibrary Loan Services:   (from other libraries)

            1st notice (above)

After one week, patron will receive a telephone call.  If  item is still not returned, a final bill (including cost of replacement and non-refundable $25 processing fee) will be sent 15-21 days from the original due date.   

If no response, a letter will be sent to the Director of the borrowing institution by the ILL department.

Libraries with ILL fees remaining unpaid after 90 days jeopardizes continued ILL lending services.

            i).   A list of suspended users shall be posted in the foyer of the Library each                                               

month.   A one-time advance notice will be given of the upcoming public postings.   Copies of notices affecting students will also be sent to the Dean of the appropriate School, or to the respective Department Chair for affected faculty.

j).   A list of suspended users shall be sent to the Deans/Provost/Controller on a quarterly basis, along with users forwarded to the collection agency.

k).   Suspended users shall not be permitted entrance to the Library at any time, and network access will be suspended until fines are paid.   The Library will forward the names of suspended library users to Information Services who will suspend their network accounts until the Library sends clearance information to reactivate them.

l).   All items overdue after 60 days are presumed “lost” and users are billed the $35 maximum fine, a $25 non-refundable processing fee, and the cost of a replacement.

m).  User purchases of replacement books cannot be substituted for lost items.   The Library reserves the right to select the appropriate replacement.

3.  Fines can be charged to departmental budgets for residents and/or fellows; in fact, unpaid fines/fees from residents or fellows are the responsibility of the sponsoring departments who will be billed by June 1 annually.  Library access will not be renewed for any residents/fellows if there are any outstanding fines/fees.

4.  Requests for services from the Health Sciences Library require prepayment.

a).   Requests for services (ILLs, photocopies, or searches) shall be performed subject to prepayment via departmental charge, grant account, revenue account, or VISA/Mastercard.   Prepayment by check will also be accepted with receipt required for pick-up for requested materials.   Refunds/credits will be issued when necessary.

b).   Identification of departmental charge accounts, grant numbers, etc. by the user shall be accepted with signature certifying available funds.   Accounts with insufficient funds shall be handled as per College policies.

5.  No request for services will be accepted without a signature certifying copyright compliance, “date needed by,” adherence to Library policies, respect for College property, and prepayment of fees. 

6.  Individuals verbally or otherwise indicating a refusal to follow Library policies will be denied privileges immediately.

7.  Issuance of library cards to residents and fellows requires the signature of the department chair and an account number from which fines/fees will be charged if primary users generate fines/fees to the College Library that remain unpaid beyond 90 days.

      a).  Borrowing privileges for residents will be issued on a fiscal year basis


b).  Library accounts for residents will be zeroed out each year, with hospital  department chairs notified by June 1 annually of any outstanding fines/fees of their residents.

8.   NYMC clearance forms must be completed for all faculty, employees, students or other library users who terminate their relationship with the College.

9.   An appeal process is in place in the following order:   1) Supervisor, Circulation/Access Services, 2) Associate Dean/Director of the Health Sciences Library, and 3) Dean of the respective school.

Updated D Cunningham 02/02/2012

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